Counterfeit Keys are a serious and growing problem.

Over the last two decades the automotive key replacement industry has witnessed a flood of low-quality, inexpensive, and sometimes dangerous counterfeit products imported from overseas. Fight Fake Keys is an alliance of business leaders dedicated consumer safety and preserving the long-term health of the automotive key replacement industry. Also, we’re committed to reducing, and ultimately eliminating, the ethical hazards associated with counterfeit automotive keys.

“As a key machine software developer, I often get tech support calls because a counterfeit key made of improper materials is not cutting as expected. We applaud your efforts to fight counterfeit keys.”
B.G. -- Houston, Texas

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Legitimate car keys are designed to work for decades, but counterfeiters cut corners on design and use inferior components that shorten product life and leave drivers stranded.

Buying counterfeits isn’t harmless. They’re not manufactured to the same standards as OEM or legitimate aftermarket keys. Their poor quality results in frequent failures that cost businesses time and money, erode consumer trust, and threaten the reputations and economic security of all who work in the key replacement industry.

Counterfeiting impacts virtually every industry, and it’s often connected with organized crime, child labor, and environmental contamination—with dangerous and sometimes deadly results.

The effects of counterfeit keys in the automotive industry are far reaching. Learn more by downloading the whitepaper: “Avoiding the Epidemic of Counterfeit Keys.”

Learn more by downloading the white paper: “Avoiding the Epidemic of Counterfeit Keys.”

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The three most-common violations:

More than a dozen federal agencies are responsible for protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights and preventing counterfeit goods from entering US markets.

Victims of intellectual property crime, can report incidents to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) by visiting

Auditing and Reporting proactively audits suspected counterfeit products. The auditing process investigates FCC compliance, trademark violations, and copyright infringement. When deemed necessary, firmware (the operating software programmed into devices) is also subject to examination. Based on circumstances and severity, violations may be reported to government authorities. Government action related to the investigation and prosecution of counterfeit activity may be published for the benefit of businesses and consumers.

If you suspect a company of possessing, selling, or distributing of counterfeit automotive keys, report offenders to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

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“I tried some keys from an overseas supplier a few years ago, before I knew about their suspect origins, and programmed them to my Ford Explorer. Three months later, I got a call from my wife saying the car wouldn’t start and that she was stranded across town with my two young daughters. After I confirmed the key was defective and fixed the problem, she made me promise to never test new keys on any car she drives.”
— P.S. Post Falls, ID

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